In My Backyard

Affordable homes help keep our community stable.

  • Housing options that are affordable typically have lower turnover rates than private-market apartments or condominiums.
  • Those who most benefit from affordable housing know very well how difficult it is to find a decent, affordable home in a beautiful and friendly neighborhood. Those that access affordable housing (just like their neighbors) enroll their kids in local sports leagues, participate in local events, shop at local stores, and add value to their local community.

Affordable homes maintain surrounding property values

  • The vast majority of studies show that the construction of homes affordable to people of modest means does not negatively impact surrounding property values, and in some cases actually raises the value of adjacent property.
  • Click here to learn how two affordable housing developments in New York actually increased the value of surrounding property.
  • Click here to learn more about what conditions and factors affect the relationship between affordable housing and surrounding property value.
  • Read more about the impact of affordable housing on property values.

Affordable Housing is good for Business

  • Families and individuals who access affordable housing, whether rented or owned, generally have more discretionary funds available to spend in local businesses.
  • Creating affordable housing close to where people work also encourages them spend their time and money in their neighborhood and with local businesses.

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